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any tips please!!!!!!!!!

i have no idea why but for the last couple of weeks my little girl will not sleep and i cant take much more last night i was up every hr and the night before was up at 1 then 3 til 5 then up for the day at 6 i have a little boy who i have to tkae to school so cant stay in bed oh how i wish i could lol
she doesnt really cry that much just shouts like a moanin sound i wish i could leave her but its not fair on son and hubby who works 7 12hr shifts if ido leave her then it does turn into v loud cryin and screamin its not that shes hungry either she just wants her dummy most of the time she doesnt sleep much through the day either i just dont know whats goin on she used to be a good sleeper she had her 3rd jabs the day this started could it bethem i just dont know
any ideas or tips for a sleep ?:\?
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