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Hello. I've done a post like this before. But wondered if there's anyone with a different solution. James has never used sleeping bags, and although I appreciate they work well. It's not something that James got on with, or that I want to be trying to reintroduce at 6 months old. Currently he is still in my room, but at some point I'm going to have to move him to his own room. At the moment, when I wake in the night, I lie a sheet over James, sometimes I tuck it under the mattress sometimes not. Whenever I check on him, it's off again. Under his legs, because he just lifts them in the air. So obviously, I can put the cover back on as he's next to me. But when he's in a different room, and it'll be winter soon, I don't want to have to be in and out all night. So after that waffle, how do you keep sheets and blankets on your lo (at least for a significant part of the night!)? Or are you like me, and are forever recovering? Thank you. xx


  • Forever recovering's a pain because he'll wake up early of he's too cold! But if I catch him at like 3am and put the covers right over he's happy till 7.

    Can your lo roll over? I found that ds only kicked his covers off when he was on his back and once he learned how to roll on his side he sleeps that way most of the time and doesn't kick or flail at all-so now the trips are less frequent but I always double check him anyway just incase haha x
  • Hi. Thanks for your reply. Yes lo can roll over, but he never does it in his crib. (?) xx
  • we switched from growbags to sheets just as it got hot, but i was tired of getting up 6+ times to cover him back up when he got cold, we have gone back to sleeping bags so i dont have to get up, i would be interested in anyones ideas, we tried tucking them in but hes so wriggly he just ends up on top of them or with them round his waist when hes been playing with his toes x
  • i tuck mine down the side of the cot and the bottom so its quit taut and tight across her. She seems to like this as its similar to being swaddled and its quite hard to kick off (although she does manage it!). I dont think there is a failsafe solution to this one im afraid! image
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