Still refusing the bottle question - again lol

So if any of you read my previous posts my little tinker point blank refuses bottles, he is 22 weeks tomorrow and weaning is going well and is still breast fed.

I remember reading a post on here similar (or I may have dreamt this lol) about some one whos lo would not take milk from the bottle. One reply was from some one who mentioned a brand that they couldn't live without and if flavoured the milk, their lo took the milk straight away and then they decreased the amount of flavouring over a week or so and lo was left just taking the formula

WAS THIS YOU?? lol If so could you let me know what it was that you bought as I can't find anything on the net and am so desperate would like to give it a try while my ds still has not teeth lol. Where you the original poster and do you remember this reply? (I feel like crimewatch or something !!)

FOR THOSE IS JUDGEMENT - lol I am at my wits end my DS1 NEVER has juice in a bottle or juice at all for that matter until he was about 3 as I'm so fussy about sugary drinks etc etc TBH I'm not even sure if these formula flavour things have sugar in them, if they are natural etc etc but I would like to see what they are ingredients etc so that if they are for me I can give them a try.



  • Hi Moonbean,

    I don't really have anything useful to offer, but as no one else has replied yet, I didn't want to R&R!

    From noseying around posts on here, MAM bottles seem to work well for BF babies who don't like bottles - have you tried them? Alternatively, my friend's baby would never accept a bottle so she went straight to a sippy cup and that was better. What was interesting was that she was offering expressed milk which her LO wouldn't take much of, only now that she's switched to formula, her baby takes a full feed from the cup? I'm not sure if you're expressing or already on formula but maybe something else to think about?

    In terms of flavouring, I've never heard of it so can't help? Haha it is like a baby milkshake image yum

    Erm I don't really know what else to suggest, I've been very lucky that my LO was mix fed from the start and had no trouble going between breast and bottle. I hope someone can offer you some helpful suggestions.

    Good luck hun
  • aw thanks for your reply - i've tried mam, avent tt ctn, nuk, playtex, the chemist cheapie ones, breast flow, dr brown lol

    cheers any way I may have dreamed about the post lol so it may not even be true as it sounds so unlikely may be my wee dream head was just in overdrive!!! lol

    thanks again xx
  • seen a post on another site where the dr suggested vanilla extract?? checked the ingredients and its made of cunflower oil and vanilla extract??

    What do you think?? any one??
  • my bf baby wouldnt take a bottle but i used the mam ultivent bottles avaliable on ebay.. i know u said u used mam bottles but if they are the ones from boots they arnt the same as the ones you can get on ebay!

    i guess you just have a boobie lover there! dont worry and keep trying. he will soon realise what your trying to get him to do!
  • yeah they are the u;ivent lol a boob addict more like i'm thinking of starting boobies annonymus (sp?!)
  • Well we'll join you. I have 8.5 mth who still not taking any bottle or milk from cup. Tried all sorts. Will take water from cup or bottle but not milk!! x
  • ooohh how exciting a comrad!!! lol ok i'll give it a go today and report back lol xx
  • A friend of mine has a 7 month old who would not take a bottle until she tried giving it to him problems since then. I think he had to see it as totally seperate from BM.
  • Whereas my LO will only take a bottle when milk is so hot I worry it's going to burn him.... These babies are tricky!
  • Help! Any luck? I had my first day at work and lo refused milk in any form and any shape from daddy. Took water from cup but not huge amounts so only had feed I gave at 6 am til 4 am the next day! Nappies were bone dry. WE have formula, breast milk, hot and cold various bottles, cups but to no avail. I'm working again Friday so any tips would be much appreciated. AAaagh x
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