Best and worst new baby presents

Just out of interest- what kinds of things have people given you for presents? Quite a few people have hinted they will b bringing a gift when bbay is born but nobody apart from parents and inlaws have asked specifically what we would like- which is fine! Which presents were the best/ worst? x


  • Hi,

    We mainly got bought clothes which was great but it was winter at the time and people bought stuff like really thick snowsuits etc for when he was 6 months old which was actually summertime, so he never got to wear them! Got blankets too which I loved getting.

    The best stuff was things he wouldnt need for ages ie feeding bowls, little books etc when the time did come around it was nice to be able to get them out and use them.

    Nikola and Joe 8 months x
  • I agree with Nikola, The best things were the ones that were for a slightly older baby (things like season appropriate 3-6 / 6-9 month old clothes, toys, etc) as I had so much new born stuff, a lot of it didn't ever get worn/used.

    I also liked really practical stuff, like bedding, gro-bags, muslin squares etc. They got so much more use than the pretty pretty things.

  • I purposly didn't buy many clothes as with ds1 we got bought so many. Quite a few people asked if we needed anything and we suggested outfits & toys.
    My sil got us loads of practical bits like packs of wipes, nappies, toiletries, sleepsuits, socks (things people wouldn't normally see as gifts but are essentials) and this was great as toiletries wise with the bits we bought and were given at 6 months we've still got lots of it left to use and it's all been well used wheras as lovely as the outfits were many only got used once or twice.
  • i got soooooo many clothes from people but to be honest they were probably my worst presents, especially as i had the first baby girl in my family for 23 years! so (my mother especially) everyone bought loads of stupidly frilly party dresses, not great for a jan baby to start with, let alone a one that has a tomboy for a mammy! lol

    also i got loads in bigger sizes (and still do off people) which was quite irritating as people asked what size i needed (prem/tiny baby...even though she was a week late! lol) but then still went out and bought snowsuits etc in 0-3 & 3-6 month sizes????

    my best friend however was amazing, bought me anything i specifiacally wanted (gloworm) and bought things like the other girls have mentioned bowls, spoons, muslins etc which were way more helpful!

    i definately think the best presents are the 'practical' ones and not the 'cutesy' ones, as i'm still working my way through the cutesy ones now (she's only just went into 0-3 months clothes at 7 months! lol)

    i think if there's something you particulary want i'd just get it myself really. as for clothes you can never really have too many as it just means washing less often for you lol
  • The only clothes that were in the slightest way useful were a pack of 6-9 month sleepsuits which he wore when he was big enough. Otherwise the best things were a stuffed sheep which is now his comfort object and various books, which still uses all the time. We also got given two brilliant rattles which lasted a long time.

    The most useless (although possibly the cutest) were a pair of fuzzy boots and a pair of embroidered slippers. The former he wore three times as it wasn't quite cold enough to warrant them when they fit him and the slippers he never wore as they were handmade and too lovely for me to risk getting dirty.

    In general, my advice would be either toys (which often can be grown into) or practical items make the best gifts.

    Oh, and hands down the best gift I received was a copy of 'How Not to be a Perfect Mother' which kept me sane in the first few months. Highly recommended!
  • the worst we had was lots of little shoes as they were forever falling off so in the end never used them the best were babygrows and socks as our washing machine seems to eat socks lol my bf also did us a huge basket of toiletries nappies toys etc whch was very helpful
  • I think our best gifts were 5 huge packs of nappies from my ever practical brother-in-law! We are still working our way thru them at 6 wks old....which have saved us a small fortune. As with everyone we got a few awful baby grows, but were generally very lucky, we have some beautiful clothes (which he didnt really need) ands friends who have babies bought us bath toys etc for when he is older. x
  • Really interesting, thanks for your replies!

  • i loved all our outfits that we got given - mainly because we were team yellow and hadnt bought anything gender specific.

    Best gift was a hamper from work which had a gorgeous little bunny comforter in it which she now sleeps with all the time. I looked it up the other day thinking id get a second in case this one goes missing or needs washing and its twenty bloody quid! Its only tiny!!

    Worst gift was a bunny puppet my MIL bought from a charity shop - it has cigarette burns on it image
  • Hi,
    our best pressie was a build a bear from a work colleague - she called him george and plans to buy him the dragon for his 1st birthday (he's also got a birth certificate and was born on the same day as Hayden) Its so sweet and traditional and he can grow up with it (here on his 1st photoshoot with George image

    Worst - hand knitted bonnet that made him look like a big girl! :lol:

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  • Best: my parents bought all the nursery furniture and all the clothes I got from people, even if I didnt like them I had them on her at least once or twice!

    Worst: weirdly I cant think of anything! I'll come back if I can
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