vertbaudet offer is on again

if you spend ??20 in vertbaudet you get ??15 off and a nother free gift. they have some gorg outfits little bloomers with dresses and matvhing headscarfs. you get lovely outfit for ??5 i did it on the last offer it was great.


  • thanks, jsut go the catolgue through letterbox today so Iw ill ahve a look.
    So are you saying sorry a bit dim today! If I spend ??20 I get ??15 back in vouchers so technically the order realyl cost me ??5? Seems to good a deal to be true! xxx

    Also...when you get the ??15 voucher, do you have to spend it within a certain amount of time and can you only use the voucher if you spend voer a certain time? xxx

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  • no babe the offer gives you a ??15 discount so you just pay ??5 it is right honest
  • Do you need a code for it? x
  • thanks must have a wee look.x
  • Have Too Have A Nose I's Thinks image
  • will put the code on later have a sleeping baby in my arms x
  • i have been on the site but cant find that code but will order when somebody puts it on here thanks girlies x
  • thansk westbrom. I read the letter after i logged of and realised my answer to my question.
    What are the childresn clothes like...are they good quality?
    I think the code may only apply once. I looked it up online, and my code is diferent to one on this website Order code 2762, it has 781 votes of people that it has worked for. so you code try that code. xxx

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    [Modified by: Joey08 on January 30, 2009 11:26 AM]

  • Thanks for that, really love their stuff, especially the sleeping bags and nursery things so will see what I can buy now! joey08 have had maternity clothes from them and theyre good quality so would assume childrens clothes are too?xx
  • i tried that code off the website but it didnt work for me has it worked for anybody else and im just being thick lol! x
  • Thye also have a catalogue with nursery stuff(shelfs, storage trolleys and giant stickers for the walls) the are quite pricey but soooooo beautiful image
  • I think alot of the nursery stuff is on the website and they have a sale section with nursery things including the gorgeous wall stickers. I'm soo skint but suddenly want to spend money!
  • i cant get any code to work, garfield that code just gives me ??1.65 off! x
  • sales and happy price items arent included in the offer.
    Mrsjbourne you could always order a catalog and see if they send you your own personal code,
  • aaarrrrggghhh well ive just placed my order and most of the stock is out of stock!!!! I still managedf to spend ??59 though lol but a lot of really nice stuff has gone. the code i used was order code 4929 advert code was VAY013 dont know if this is individual to a customer but try it if not as joey08 says order a catalogue as offer is for new customers
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