Wow what an up and down xmas!

Hi all not been on to wish you all a merry xmas so I am hoping everyone had brilliant days and got lots of prezzies!!!

Well we had all been so excited for xmas the girls had been spoilt and being 2 and 4 we knew they would appreciate itr all a littlemore this year and it was Georges first xmas!!

Unfortunately all 3 had been ill leading up to xmas eve but the girls had recovered but we wasnt so lucky with george. xmas evemorning we woke up and he couldnt breath his chest was caving in when he was breathing and he sounded like someone was pumping up a football. I rang nhs direct who could hear his breathing over the phone and they called an ambulance! In the ambulance he had to have an oxygen mask but bless him all the way through was smiling at the men! Got t hospital and after more oxygen and an x-ray it was discovered he had bronchulitus. His oxygen levels were not staying up so required an oxygen tube up his nose and if that didnt work he was going to be put on a ventilator type machine. I was petrified and all this beore lunch time. They admitted him to the ward and he had a good sleep. They took the oxygen off at around 4 and thankfully his oxygen levels had stabilised they wanted to keep him in over night to watch the levels but they agreed if his levels stayed up until the evening they would discharge him on the condition he was brought straight back if his breathing sounded even a little heavy. He was discharged at 10.30pm on xmas eve to our relieve as I was so upset for my little man and also disappointed about the thought of not being with my girls xmas day.

He slept really well xmas eve and we all woke up xmas day together and the girls loved their presents. We had 10 people for dinner and I cooked it all myself and it was wonderful to have got through the day. As some of you know too me and hubby hadnt been getitng on but all this has brought us so much closer together as it has made him realise that there are bigger things in life for us.

George has been very good and is coming along leaps and bounds now just got to get through his mri in january where he will be put under a general and his operation around july time. I feel so proud of him as he has been through so many tests and challenges and he is only 5months!

Anyway I really hope everyone had a lovely xmas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laura,Madison, Isabella and George xx


  • Wow, you really hve had a 'up and down' christmas, but great that you had a lovely family day together.
  • oh pet! that sounds awful i'd of been panicking too much to do anything i am useless that way!
    i'm glad george got home for xmas though & you got to spend the day with the girls. well done for cooking xmas lunch on your own that can't of been easy!
    hopefully things with you & hubby work out, you have 3 gorgeous children it'd be nice if it was to all be ok. good luck to george for january & a very happy 2009 to you xxx
  • hi babe, was just gonna post on July thread. Im so glad you all got to have Xmas day together and am really pleased for you and OH. Im sure I'll catch up with you before but if not all the best for Georges MRI and happy new year to you all!

    Love from Elaine and boys xx xx
  • Wow! What an xmas eve! So glad to hear George is better - it is terrifying seeing them on oxygen and nothing you can do ... isn't it amazing that although they're ill they still have a smile for the people looking after them....
    Also glad to hear xmas day went well, and you and OH seem to be pulling closer. Hope everything works out for you all image

  • I really do feel for you my faith was in hospital the Saturday before Christmas same sort of thing luckily she out by Sunday they were think it asthme attack. how is he doing now? sending big hug from me faith hope his better soon
    carrie faith
  • Hi all thanks for your replies. George seems so much better today he still has his horrible cough but his breathing is so much quieter. Since iyts happened though I havnt wanted to sleep in case his breathing becomes difficult in his sleep. Caz, How is Faith now? are the doctors going to do more tests for asthma now? I think these babies are sometimes stronger than us as through it all they are still smiling and I know me for one was in such a panic and just wanted to cry.

  • she gettihg there she end on steroids over christmas they help alot she still weezing abit but got inhaler as well i was thinking taking back to the doctor tomorrow if still weezing.just make she ok.. they are say that they think it might be asthma as they can test babies there strong history of it in both familys . How was girl when he take in my boys were so upset whem woke up me faith was not there. the next 2 day all had was boys fussing of over her they so worried ask if going take back in hospital. you for get how much it can affect the other children my boys are 6 and 7 years. hope you get some sleep hun take care
    carrie faith
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