When do i move faith into her brother room to sleep

Hi girl faith now 7 months old i bin think when should i move her into her brothers room.I bin folding it off because i have 2 bed room and 3 children the boy 7years and 6 year it only small room but we will have to make do for a couple of years before we move to a bigger house we can fit her cotbed in but i will have to move things about so if she goes she stay there. She starting to sleep better but is waking up about 5am so not sure wont to do. Wont do think?
carrie faith


  • i will have this prob, i'm preg and only have a 2 bed house and i have an almost 1 year old, i'm planning to keep lo in my room for a long time, esp if its a girl, i know it don't matter at their age really! but hubby works nights and i quite like having lo with me, i put Ellis in his room at about 7 months but if he was sharing i would have waited longer just for the fact, like you said, if she wakes up early you gotta try and settle 2!!!
    Not much help was i sorry!!

  • i have the same prob i moved mine in together when youngest was 14 months old
  • Ahh we have a two bed & only one baby who is still in with us.. his roon is really quite small tho.. and I do worry cause I would like another baby.. but not sure two would fit in the other room and if they did what happens if I have a girl next time? who knows what to do for the best huh! x
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