Gripe water help!!

Hi ladies well my lo is 5 weeks nearly as she has started to suffer with wind more and more so I thought I'd give this ago well I tried to give it to her straight but she hated it and spat it out.

So I was wondering can I put it in the milk? It doesn't say on the box if u can or can't. U give it mid feed or after.

Anyone tried this? Or any ideas how j can get it down her without her spitting it out?

Thanks MJ+Esmae xxx


  • no you cant add it but we put in in a bottle teat to give,
  • I used to give it my DD and I used a syringe. Found one for babies in my local chemist. It seemed to work!! I can't comment on whether you can put it in milk as I BF, sorry...


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  • you could give infacol a go although you need to give it before every feed, thats orange flavour i think x
  • I used a syringe and gave some half way through the feed and some at the end.
    Not sure I would have added it to the milk.

    Worked much better than infacol in my opinion. x
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