Anyone with boys ....

Just wondering if anyone has noticed that sometimes their baby boys' scrotum is empty?

I know they were checked at birth and his six week check but at five months they still dissapear completely sometimes! Should I get the HV to check it/

Gail x


  • its completely normal, apparently. my bab was born with HUGE balls and satyed like that for a while now sometimes they there and sometimes they not. i was worried so asked my nan whos a nurse and she said it normal. x
  • Haven't got any advice really but thought I would reply as going to HV today about exactly the same thing! Samuel has just had his 6 week check and the Dr said that one 1 was properly in there. She told me to check when he was warm in the bath which I did and still only 1. Am going to clinic today to ask as not sure if this is normal!

    Tasha x
  • Thanks for replies!

    Let me know how you get on Tasha! I do know they are both there but sometimes one in particular dissapears for days on end!

    Gail x
  • Well I went to HV who could actually feel both which was a relief. She said it is very common for them to go up and down - particularly if it is cold or hot! Apparently they get checked again at 8 months and then if they are not right a referral would be made. So it sounds like it is fine for that to happen with your little one.
    Tasha x
  • Hi

    Do you watch friends? Chandler said that Janice cld make his balls jump back into his body. lol dh says when its cold his still do the same

    ive got 3 boys and notice the same but all is fine xxDBxx
  • I think it's normal for them to change size depending on the temperature!!!

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