Not been on for a while.....due to bad joints

Hi all,

How is everyone?

I've not been too good. I have very bad joints in my wrists and fingers, making it hard to type. My doctor says its down to everyday life and lots of pressure on my joints. I'm not convinced. Wasn't like this after my other two babies! Some days are better than others but it can be really painful, especially first thing in the morning. Thinking i may go back to doctors as she has given me something to help which are safe to take while bf but don't really want to keep taking them all the time.

Anyway, apart from that me and lo are ok. Starting solids today, Got lo to 5 and a bit months but now waking at 3am and then at 5am to feed. I get up at 6 to start my day as have school run and two other children to get ready, so i'm pretty tired.
Gave lo some capol this morning as she was really miserable and snotty (never seen so much snot come out of a babies nose! sorry tmi!) when i put the medicine spoon to her mouth she grabbed my hand and forced the spoon back into her mouth! Bless her she probably thought at last some food!!!


  • Hi hun, sorry to hear about that but if it's any help I get the same thing! I had it while ttc in my fingers, knuckles, wrist and elbows and was just told to take pain killers. It went in the end but is back now only this time in my feet! It's so painful doing the school run as like you say it's much worse in the morning. It's in my toes and joints (where your knuckle is on your hand) and the ball of my foot.Let me know if you find any miracle cure! Must go to docs again soon.
    Hope it gets better soon.

    I don't know if it has anything to do with it but my mum had rhumatoid (sp) arthritis in her hands although she has the all clear now.
  • My mum has the same! She uses a Magnet braclet which she says really helps and can't take it off otherwise she is in pain. I would like to get one but there are quite expensive and not even sure I have the same thing as her.

    Glad to know i'm not the only one. My oh doesn't really understand. (He doesn't do illness!!!) He sees me getting ready in the morning and carrying on with stuff so he just assumes i'm ok. I'm in so much pain but have to carry on otherwise wouldn't get things done!! What mskes things worse i also had a neck injury a few weeks ago and its still not right. I'm so stiff in the morning i'm finding it really hard.
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