linea nigra?

just wondering how long after birth before it goes away...? im 4 weeks on now and its still there :P i wouldnt mind so much if it was just the line down the middle but i also have dark brown patches all round my bellybutton it looks a bit strange now on a flat tummy image mind you its a long time till summer and ill be getting it out anyway but just wondered :\)
jess and joshua
4 weeks +1 today


  • Lol, I posted this at around 6 weeks post birth. Guess what, 5 months and it's still there! Grrrr. Has faded alot though, and the belly button thing went after a couple of months. But yes, was only moaning to my hubby yesterday. Much better than it was. xxx
  • I was wondering this, too! Also - do belly buttons ever go back to how they used to be? Mine was a nice neat innie, which turned into an outie during pg, and is now a sort of innie with a big sticky-out blob in the middle. NOT attractive!
  • haha thanks, glad its a long time till summer then cos the bit round my bellybutton makes it look like im really grubby and just havent washed properly image to the point where i even tried rubbing a bit of exfoliating scrub on it!! funny isnt it i heard that it was supposed to fade quite quickly after birth, but then theres so much you hear that isnt true surrounding pregnancy, labour, birth etc that you dont find is just people trying to protect you from pain til afterwards! xx
  • Lol, yes all the lies! Pinktoothbrush i'm not sure about that one, mine is larger and floppier, but never quite popped out so no lump in the middle showing. Fingers crossed as you tone it will change it. xxx
  • Pink Toothbrush - mine is the same as yours and Poppy is 15 months old!! I still have a bit of a line too although it is much paler than it was!
  • mines fading now at 12 weeks but still visable
  • i only saw my line after i gave birth! i never noticed it b4! millie is 4 months nearly and i still have it xx
  • its just over 9 months since i had josh an you can only just see mine now. I dont think any one else would notice unless i pointed it out but cant wait for it to go completely,
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