Gabe's sitting up!

He only started this afternoon - this morning he couldn't do it at all - not for longer than 20 seconds anyway!

But this afternoon I went to baby group I was talking to another mum who's lo was sitting fairly well and was 6months, I said "Oh wish Gabe could sit like that", put him on the floor and he sat....for 10 minutes before wobbling over, and continued to sit for the whole group!!!!

Hes not steady enough for me to pop into the next room yet as a bit wobbly but I can't wait till he can sit on the floor with some toys while I prepare his morning bottle as now I have to get his rocker chair and put him in that while I do it.

He looks sooo grown up sitting!!! I can't believe it took him till 8 months.


  • Yay!! Well done Gabe!! image

  • Well done Gabe! Goood on him x
  • Well done Gabe! Its so much more fun to view the world from a sitting position LOL.

    Zacky waited until he was at a baby signing before he first sat up unaided. He was the youngest of the group as the others were between 10 and 15 months. There was no way he was ever gonna be able to take part in the group - he had only just found his hands and hadnt realised he had arms at the time. Guess he saw the older children sitting, crawling and walking and decided he would sit up on his own and watch them for a whole hour! I didnt notice til the people running the course asked how long he had been able to sit, LOL.

    He will start to find his feet now.

  • well done gabe!!
  • Good boy Gabe! It doesn't matter how long it takes them as long as they get there in the end! xoxox
  • aw well done Gabe! :\)
  • well done gabe! teach grace to stop bein so lazy lol
    shes same age as gabe and can sit for a couple of mins but wobbles after a bit or tries to get on the floor as she can get around so well on her tum so think thats y shes not fussed bout sitting!!
  • Aww, well done Gabe! Watch out Tiger Lily, before you know it he will be crawling around getting into all sorts of mischief!!
  • Woo hoo, well done Gabe!! Bless him image
  • Well done Gabe....
    Jemima too decided to show off by sitting up for ages at a baby group.

    Make the most of it while he can amuse himself. Once hes crawling/standing etc you cant turn your eyes mroe than a few seconds.

    Hes done quite a few things lately hasnt must be a very proud/happy mummy image xxx
  • yey!! go Gabe!! xx
  • yay well done gabe daisy was just 8 months when she could sit unaided for ten mins i thought this was average any way he is doing great he will want to crawl now next so enjoy being able to leave him for few mins it wont last long x
  • Yeah! Well done Gabe!
  • nice one. must be nice to see him sitting up
  • yay well done!! xx
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