FAO TigerLilly! x... Again! :lol:

Hiya Love!

I was just wondering about the wart on your thumb & the raw onions? image have you given it again & has it been working? x


  • I must admit I haven't tried it as we never have a fresh onion in!!! lol! How's charlie hun??
  • Yeah he is full of cold had me up all night.. bless him poor little thing! he's just started to roll over as well :lol: I didn't believe him for about to weeks just thought he was thrashing around and was 'falling over' :lol:

    Him & Gabe are soo simular when I read what you write about him tho! you wrote out a discription of his personailty and ways and I read it out to my OH and he thought I had written it about charlie! :lol:

    How's Gabe doing? how's his rolling doing? x
  • He rolled again today for the second time in a month lol. He is sooo lazy. He does something else instead - He dances his bum around when he's on his back, lifting himself off the floor and thrashing about haha - he has figured out that when he does it on the cot top changer, he can make it 'bounce' very dangerous and scary lol!!!

    Poor Charlie with a cold....hopefully it is short lived. When you write about Charlie loving his milk that sounds like Gabe a lot!
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