Long baby clothes?

My son seems to be taking after his tall Dad and is already quite long! I'm starting to find that his babygrows fit him around his body but are getting too short in the leg.
Does anyone know if anywhere makes clothes for longer babies?


Rosalie and Flynn (30days)


  • Oohh, I would love to know this too.
    My LO is 20 weeks and so long (his dad is 6'3"). A lot of his clothes are like this, fit fine on the body but short on the legs.
  • It's very frustrating isn't it! I'm reluctant to just put him in the next size up, as then he looks strange because the top part is baggy and the sleeves are too long!
  • have you tried george @ asda? thats where my best friend got ones for her LO coz he was really long when he was born xx
  • Ah, thanks Jemma, I think I might take a trip down to the huge Asda near(ish) to me, as they have loads of baby stuff!
  • Hi,

    I was bought some John Lewis ones for present and they are def longer in the leg than mothercare, next or boots.

    Inka xxx
  • my lo is long too and i find Next babygros are really good for him - nice and long in the body and leg. x x x
  • Try H&M, we have this issue, and they do babygros without feet in, and they have turn down cuffs that will extend the arm and leg by an inch, just have to remember to put socks on her!

    Other thing that we use are seperates, as I can put her in the next size/ mix and match with a long sleeved vest to sleep in and little pyjama bottoms from M&S, which I tend to find fit best anyway, Asda stuff can be a bit wide and Isabelle used to get her legs out of the leg holes and cross them in the crotch area, then cry as she got stuck!

    Bets XxX
  • My boy is long to, he's just over 4 months and we have had to put him in 6-9 month vests and sleepsuits, got these from Asda as we have all his clothes and recommend them, good quality and wash well xxx
  • oh I have the same problem, he outgrew some 0-3 months at 8 weeks because of this and i'm so concious that I don't want him to have no room! mothercare have been longer than some others but they are expensive, will have to try Asda.
    Be careful wth sleeping bags too, we brought a 3-6 month one from Matalan and at 10 weeks he only has about an inch left!!
  • Next, Tesco and asda baby grows i find all come up longer!xxx
  • Boots Mini Mode are long and thin I've found.

    Next and M&S seem to be the largest generally to me x
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