I'm a Celebrity - Early predictions

Ok, it hasnt actually started yet, and i wont be here to see what you say but who do you think will win, and why?

I think: Joe Swash - saw him on family fortune and might not be the sharpest tool in the box but that will make for good viewing and is a real cheeky chappy, very down to earth and not bad on the eyes!



  • I reckon Martina whats her chops (the tennis lady) as she's suposed to be a really nice person. Not really sure I know who or what the rest are like but am lookin' forward to it! Love a bit of reality TV! x
  • My prediction is that my wife says ... 'I'm not going to watch it this year ...'

    and then I'll catch her at 3am watching the live feed, totally addicted !!!

    ha ha it gets her every year !!!
  • I'm the same as your wife then!! I always say 'I'm not watching that again' but end up watching every episode!! I love watching them eating kangaroo balls and making fools of themselves!! Great entertainment and escapism!!!
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