Jumping from Preg - What does Dorso-Posterior Mean?


Had a scan today (32+1) and it says baby's presentation is cephalic dorso-posterior. I know cephalic means he is head down, but wasn't sure about dorso-posterior. From what I understood looking at the scan he was positioned with his spine running down my left hand side, so does dorso-posterior mean he's side on, rather than back to back or back to front?

Ta! xx


  • this is not a way i have ever heard it described before (this not always unusual depending on which hospital you work at etc), it is usually just cephalic, posterior, lateral (side on) or anterior.

    having a quick look on the web for any explanations indicate that the report is actually stating 2 things the same - dorsal and posterior both mean towards the back!

    maybe your lo is lying towards your back.....!
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