Pining for my babies!

Hi Mummies,
Im kind of just looking for sum sympathy as im away from my little babies rhys (2) and Sophie (9mths). I have come to hunary with my mum while shes having some work dun on her teeth, didnt think it wud be rite for her to go on her own as shes having quite alot of work dun over a few days and is in alot of pain. Away so i made the decision to cum and support her and leave Rhys and Sophie at home with their dad (who unfortunately has jus bin laid off). I didnt really think about wat it wud be like to leave them until the day b4 and then i started to panick. I know they are in gud hands with their dad but iv never bin away from either of them b4 and now its killing me. I left on wed nite and dnt get back till thurs morning and im beginning to feel like a terrible mum for leaving them and im pining to hold the pair of them and give them a big squeeze. Im quite literally cracking up here and as i still have 4days left will sumone please keep me sane, ahhhhh! Cheers ladies xxx


  • aw bless you, ive left archie over night b4 and with friends for a cpl of hours so i sort of know how u feel.... dont worry tho, ur lo's are in good hands and im sure they miss you too, but absence makes the heart grow fonder! ask your oh to send you pics of them playing, that might help?? if i leave archie over night i usually put a bit of my purfume on his snuggle blanket so he feels safe...ur not a terrible mum at all
  • Thanks girls, Craig has been sending me pictures via facebook, but to be honest they just made me craig coz there was one at Sophie which looked like she was waving at me and my heart just broke. Ppl keep telling me 2 enjoy the break but tbh i love having my kids around all the time and at the min i feel like im at a lose end coz iv got bugger all to do, lol. Thanks agen ladies just needed perking up abit and to let it out i think. xxx
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