Whinging a lot

Charlotte has been a bit whingy lately. Yesterday she was at it nearly all day. It was just a constant hum in the background and nearly drove me round the bend and up the wall & back down again!!!!

I tried everything to make her happy. Playing, feeding her (she did seem to be hungry and ate a piece of her choccie b'day cake like a piglet), & comforting her. She's been a little unsettled at night too, crying out in her sleep. She only seems contented with a dummy in her mouth (which I don't want to keep doing), or if she's climbing on me or touching me in some way.

Do you think it's a form of separation anxiety? Or just a phase (I do hope so). I hate not having a happy baby :\(


  • She turned 1 on Tuesday and now has 7 teeth. Although profile pic is a few months old now so don't think it's teggies you see!
    I don't think she's poorly just seems clingy. It's not like she wants cuddles as she's not a very cuddly baby she just has to be climbing over me or touching me so I can't get much done nowadays!
  • My LO does this. Lily is almost 8 months and moans constantly throughout the day. If i leave the room she cries until i come back, wants to be in my arms all day which just isnt practical. Not so much for cuddles either wants to climb over me or touch whatever i have (which gets very annoying) she settles when eating but soon after shes back to moaning.
    At night time she goes to sleep fine, then cries out in her sleep and like your little one will only settle with dummy.

    I dont know what it is, she is still teething but had 2 come through recently and doesnt have any other symptoms :\?
    I hate to see her crying especially the little tears when there clearly is nothing seriously wrong lol.

    Rachel and Lily
  • I'd say either seperation anxiety or teething, Gabe goes through stages of both though he has 4 teeth now so hopefully we'll get a break soon!

    Gabe is more whingy in the day if he hasnt slept well at night so she could be overtired. Yesterday he was so overtired and whiny, me and oh were trying to eat our tea so we put him in his bumbo with some organix crisps, naughty to shut him up with food but it worked! x
  • cameron also does this constant whiney noise...it does my head in! i think its his teeth though, and he does it when he's been up a few hours and ready for a nap. has charlotte got her back teeth yet cos i think they are quite painful when theyre coming through!
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