Why can life just not be calm and worry free?

Went to GP today as I have been bleeding between periods and am on pill, firstly I had to have an internal which I hate and now I have to go back for swabs next week.
But what is really worrying me is that she said my womb feels slightly lumpy and could possibly be fibroids, my mum had them years ago and I know they can be hereditory, my mum had a hysterectomy.

Now I know the gp said there was only a small chance but I can't help but worry and drove home crying (stupid I know!).

I have always said I only want one child but the thought of anything happening to take that descision away from me scares me silly.

My oh just says 'you'll be fine, you're not going to get all depressed about it are you?'

Has anyone had an experience of fibroids? My mums was a long time ago and I am sure things are different know.:?


  • Sorry, can't help. Hope it's sorted out soon for you. x
  • Yep me.
    I've just had twins. Don't worry too much - it wasn't til I had my c-sect that they found out I had it.
  • I have fibroids, but luckily they don't cause me any symptoms. They said they had to remove them if they were in the way of the baby, but that never happened.
  • Hi there hun, my mum and my aunty both had fibroids 2 yrs ago.. With heavy periods and pain.. They both had the fibroids lasered off and removed.. This makes healing alot better! Both had an Overnight stay in hospital then home 2 a quick recovery! Dont worry 2 much.. Be positive, hope it goes ok x
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