Think i have pnd!?

I havent been feeling myself for about a month now... having more bad days than good especially in the last week or so. I am soooo tired, yet i cant sleep, i'm irritable, i have no interest in sex whatsoever, i dont have much of an appetite and feel so low i keep crying over the stupidest of things.
I decided to go to docs and explain, she thinks i have pnd, but has taken some blood to rule out a physical problem. I just cant believe it. I have never been depressed in my life. I had a nightmare year in 2009, my dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer and when i was 9mnths pregnant had his kidney removed. (he's fine now) Also we moved house when Joe was 3 weeks old, my grandad died the day before we moved and then my auntie died 6 weeks later. I havent had the easiest of lives (who has?) My mam died suddenly when i was 12 and then when i was 20 we nearly lost my dad to a brain tumour, but all this has always made me a strong person... i always seem to manage to pull myself together and get back on track. Now when everything is going well... (i have a lovely house, a very loving fiance, 2 wonderful kids,) i feel so low.
It has helped just writing this all down, thanks girls.


  • Hi
    I'm glad to hear you have been to see your gp. That's the 1st hurdle. I waited too long - not until lo was 9 months but now I'm on anti-d's I am much better.
    It does sound you have had a hell of a lot to deal with as well as having your lo so I understand why your gp hasn't immediately prescribed pills for pnd, although people who have suffered trauma are more likely to suffer with it. I was high on my hv's list as my mum died when I was younger - and it happened so she was correct to look out for signs with me. I do hope you get something sorted and if you ever feel like you need help or advice come on here and you'll get the support you need. There is also a forum for pnd if you prefer to go on there.
  • Didn't want to read and run but wanted to say you've done the right thing byt telling the doc. It's very common with women who were fine with 1st lo and struggle with pnd with 2nd baby. Hope you're feeling better. S x
  • Hey hun,
    Well done first off for doing something and starting to feel better. That's a really brave thing to do and it will help.
    Secondly we can have a right old natter tomorrow at playgroup if you want or if not we can talk about our lovely lo's instead! See you tomorrow x
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