Jumperoo or Door hanger


I have read some great reviews for the fisherprice jumperoo but i was wondering what the difference was between this and a door bouncer?

We have a jumperoo and lo loves it so thought maybe we should get a door bouncer too or just stick with the jumperoo:\?


  • stick with the jumperoo - inbuilt entertainment, no having to put it up and down as it's in the way, and the room doesn't get cold from the door bouncer being in the way
  • We have both, jumperoo is so much easier as not putting up and trying to juggle her while trying to keep the door bouncer still grrr!! To much like hard work!!

    Amber loves both but seems to prefer her jumperoo! They really are fab!! Bloody big though so bare that it mind xxx
  • definatly jumperoo for me. It has all the toys on it and so much easier to get them in. You need to be a contortionist to get them in the door ones. One hand holding the bouncer, other holding baby, one foot trying to keep it still while putting them in. lol. Jumperoo definatly. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • I would have both if you can - the jumperoo is just fab and the door bouncer is great because it is so easy to move around depending on what you are doing.

    I don't have trouble getting lo in the door bouncer, but find it really hare to get his feet in the jumperoo sometimes.
  • We live in quite a small flat so a jumperoo would take up a lot of our living room floor space.
    We have a door bouncer and Connor loves it, you soon get the hang of getting them in and out


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