zebra crossings, do cars HAVE to stop?

theres one where i walk with LO in his pram to the shops and everytime i either have to wait until there are no cars or nearly get run over by someone who wont stop, not even when theres a pram on the crossing!

i always though you stopped for pedestrians at these crossings? am i wrong?


  • You are supposed to stop...that's the point of them but alot of people don't. Luckily I always wait at the side and make sure the car fully stops first, as if I didn't...a rather stupid old man would have run me and Flynn over the other day...
  • I thought that they had to stop as soon as you start to walk out onto the zebra crossing. I generally wait on the pavement though as some drivers do just drive over it. Before having my LO I used to start walking over it and they had to stop but not willing to risk it now x
  • Yes, they do, it's the law. There are some maniacs on the road though. I must admit I think driving turns the most normal people into maniacs ... including me .... but I will always stop for people on zebra crossings, it's the annoying people who just walk into the middle of the road that annoy me
  • I just asked my oh who's a PC - he says that it's the law that as soon as you hve one foot on the crossing, all cars need to stop untill you are across because you have right of way. But if you're standing there waiting to cross, they are also at obligation to stop to let you cross. If they don't do this, the penatly is 3 points on their licence and ??60 fine...hth x
  • Aaargh, I hate these people!! They used to just iritate me but now I have kids it takes it to a whole new level.... I could quite easily go for them!!

    A while back my oh was with dd1 going across a zebra crossing when a car went through it just missing them. Oh understandably yelled something at him but then the guy had the cheeck to yell at oh as if he was in the wrong. Driver then had to stop slightly further up the road due to lights changing. Oh then saw a cop car parked at side of the road so went and told them and they pulled the guy over!! Serves him right.

    The crossing at the end of our road is particularly bad - I'd like to set up a camera there so they can get reported!
  • thanx i thought so,

    now i have bubs and his pram would be the first thing hit if some idiot didnt stop i darnet just start walking!

    our normal crossings are just as bad, i'm sure half the town is colourblind, that or they dont care! never seem to be a nice PC there to pull them over for going through red?
  • anyone know te differnece between a pelican crossing and a zebra crossing? i can't remember?? lol, perhaps one of those they'e nto obliged but i don't know, but ye sit is annoying how everyone's in such a rush they're willing to run the chance of mowing someone down, crazyness! i always wait at the side til someone lets me cross x
  • I think pelican crossings are the ones with traffic lights and zebra crossings are the ones with the stripes on the road. There is a distinct possibility I have just made that up though!

    The thing that really annoys me is parents who stick the buggy into the road to see if there is anything coming (not at crossings just in the middle of the road)!!!
  • haha just found this on wiki, didn't know there was so many types of crossing!!!

    In the Commonwealth
    In the United Kingdom (and in many current or former Commonwealth countries as well), it is illegal for drivers to park upon the 'zig zag' lines either side of a pedestrian crossing. This is to ensure pedestrians' view of oncoming traffic is not obscured.

    In the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, animal names are often used to distinguish several types of such crossings:

    * Zebra crossing: wide longitudinal stripes on road, often with belisha beacons; pedestrians may cross at any time; drivers must give way to pedestrians who demonstrate intent to cross.
    * Pelican crossing: traffic lights for pedestrians and vehicles; button-operated.
    * Puffin crossing: pedestrian lights on near side of road; button-operated with curb-side detector.
    * Toucan crossing: for bicycles as well as pedestrians.
    * Pegasus crossing: an equestrian crossing.

    and then this goes into more detail about laws of crossings


  • i had this the other day when i was on my way to morissons with LO. i pressed the button at the lights and even though traffic was backed up i still waited for the green man to start flashing before i walked as i didnt want to risk anything. so i started to walked when the green man told me too and some stupid cow put her foot down and nearly knocked me and lo over as she jumped the lights, even though i was already on the road directly in front of her!!!!

    the one thing thats always bugged me about my pram was that it had two seperate handles and not a solid bar handle, but il never complain about it again after that as it was only the fact i pulled the pram back and that my body fit inbetwee n the handles that stopped her from hitting my little girl!

    the even more annoying thing was she risked seriously injuring not only me but a 9 week old baby to move forward less than 15 foot as there was traffic still backed up at the roundabout just beyond the lights!

    i swear if OH had been at lights with me and not waitingg at the shop entrance i would've been off and dragging her out of the car and smacking her repeatedely!

    grrrrrr, thats my rant on the subject over lol
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