Does it p anyone else off???

Maybe I am just a grumpy UN-girly girl but it REALLY bugs me that ELC have started doing EVERY toy in 'girls' colours ie pink when they weren't even in 'boys' colours to start with just bright ones - e.g. they now do a PINK set of happyland shops - yeah cos you often see a pink church and pink bakers :roll: and a PINK garage when the old one was green yellow and orange so not exactly BOY colours. Vtech do their walker that was yellow and red in PINK now as well.

I just DON'T get it and it bugs me - but maybe I am an old grump :lol:


  • MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I had a rant about this yesterday! its's sexist against boys!!!
  • I agree...why do they do it! I do admit though I bought a toddle truck for Charlotte in pink. But most of her toys are the unisex ones.

    I want to get her a garage from there at Xmas or birthday (yikes) and they do one in pink now but will get the unisex one.

    Oh - her Smart Trike is pink too (sheepish look lol)!
  • I agree CC - I'm mummy to a girly and I don't even want all of her things to be pink - I'd much rather buy things in nice bright colours.
  • ima justa jealousa coz ia washa i had alkl the pink stuff!

    oappas bada mamamyy - beean draingking toanight lool xxxx
  • Ooooh it has always annoyed me! The same as when you go in to a kiddies clothes shop, and there are 27 rails of girls clothes and 2 rails for boys!
    Now i have a little pink princess i must admit to enjoying the pink stuff, but i'll def get brightly coloured toys, coss how bored would she get with pink otherwise?!
    Although i'd like to add, Luca's favourite colour is pink, (and he is most def a boy), so he'll probably love all the new pink stuff! xxx
  • I have thought the same thing, it's really silly and like the other mummies of girls I boycott the pink and buy the lovely bright toys.
  • ohhhhhh so glad it is NOT just me :lol: thought maybe IU was odd but it turns out we ALL are :lol: image
  • I thought the same thing yesterday when I was looking for Oscar's birthday present.

    I may buy pink things if I have a little girl who's into pink and she's definitely my last child but at the moment Oscar's the first of (hopefully) four so the unisex toys are being bought and I'm hoping to get my money's worth!

    Plus, I don't like pink really
  • ima justa jealousa coz ia washa i had alkl the pink stuff!

    oappas bada mamamyy - beean draingking toanight lool xxxx

    :lol: How drunk is Tommysmummy this evening :lol:

    It annoys the crap out of me! I don't do gender stereotyping and although some pink is nice I don't see why little girls have to have EVERYTHING pink. But then is it only me that's noticed that the prizes Prima give out for the birthdays pages are sexist? Girls get a little people house, boys get a garage, what's that about then?
  • LOL LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree really pisses me off too! Why do girls have to have everything pink? Is it the only colour they are allowed??? xxx
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