Colief - trapped wind?


my LO is now 19 weeks and feeding is still such a struggle, we have tried numerous different methods and given diagnosis of Reflux and Colic.
We are needing to wind after each ounce and it can take an hour or more to get 4/5 ounces in.

Currently using Infant Gaviscon and Infacol but am considering trying Colief since many people have deemed ut' a miracle cure. Does Colief help the relief of trapped wind?

Any experiences welcome.

Thank you


  • Did you try changing the milk that you are giving her? Infacol done the trick for us when ds had trapped wind xx
  • I used it with DD but it made her constipated so i stopped it. I have two unopened bottles which im happy to send you if you wanna try them? I got them on prescription as they're so expensive and its a shame to let them go to waste. Just email me if u'd like them x
  • Have tried different milk, different bottles, teats etc You name it I've given it a go!! Am sure the crutch of the problem is wind.

    Pumpkin Pie, have emailed you - Thank you for your kind offer! Although it made your little one constipated, did you see an improvement on the colic/wind front?
  • I've been researching colief as our LO strains all day but doesnt poo, is impossible to wind, and wakes up screaming in pain, lifts his legs up and then settles again.
    I went to the chemist who said to try colief after we had already tried infacol and gripe water without success, he said it sounds like LO has colic.
    After looking into colief, it is actually for lactose intolerance. It works by breaking down lactose in the milk making it easier for the baby to digest, this is why if you stop using it you have to withdraw it slowly. I only started using it last night, so if it works it would seem that LO actually has lactose intolerance and not colic, and if it does work it is prob colic in which case my Dr has said noting will help (not what i wanted to hear!).
    Just thought i would share this info, if colief does work it is worth trying to get it on prescription (something else i found out when i googled it lol).
    Really hope something works as i know how heartbreaking it is at the min with our lo x
  • there was an improvement in the drawing of her knees up and thrashing around but the constipation was worse than the colicky symptoms (she only has mild colic). I think its well worth trying, she's always had poo problems so it doesnt necessarily follow that ur LO will get constipation tooimage x
  • I haven't got anything particularly useful to add, apart from that as your LO is 19 weeks, he/she should nearly have grown out of colicy phase, so if it is that the end may be in sight!!!
  • Oh I so hope Mybutler, I was willing the 12/13 week mark fir this very reason but it hadn't eased, it doesn't seem to be typical colic in the sense of bouts of inconsolable crying but struggling to feed. The doctors have tried many things but now just put it down to colic image
  • Thank you for the information ilovepicknmix, very useful image. Let us know how you find the Colief, hope you see an improvement.
  • I'm waiting for a paeds referral at the moment as we have the sane problem except Lucas is EBF. The GP is happy with the diagnosis of silent reflux but refuses to prescribe anything other than gaviscon which constipated him terribly. We need to get him on ranitidine, but GP refuses point blank to help. We have 5 weeks to wait for our paeds appt, and I'm just praying that helps as he is now refusing feeds completely and so getting skinny...

    Hope you find the colief helps, I'm pretty sure we're past colic now, but hope it helps you. We're also going back to our osteopath as she really helped us with similar problems when he was 4-9 weeks, he's 15 weeks now.
  • Renri, that is shocking they are making you wait so long, especially since he is refusing feeds. You have all my sympathy as I know how difficult it is, our problem started at 10 weeks and everything we have tried has worked short term but we end up back at square one with crying on the bottle and struggling/refusing feeds.

    You should keep in at them since his weight is affected to push the appointment. All the best.
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