How big a gap??

I know everyone is different, but was just wondering how big an age gap is best?
Pros and cons please. Thanks ladies xxx


  • I seem to be replying to all the posts tonight! Baby in bed and husband out!

    I only have one child but have lots of friends with completely varied gaps between theirs.
    What I have noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a perfect age gap, it seems to be the children's personality that makes the difference.
    You can get two girls with a small age gap that get on brilliantly cos of their nature etc, two others with the same gap who seem to do nothing but argue!
    I guess some of it is down to how the parents handle it but a lot is just down to their nature/personality.

    I guess if you are thinking in terms of going back to work or paying for two in nursery etc then there may be a 'best gap' that suits your family? I am sure others with more experience will comment. x
  • I agree with happysmurf that the best age gap is the one that suits ur family best.

    There is 2 years between my oh & his bro. Also a 2 year gap between his bro's 2 kids. Both sets r so close & get on really well, even though we live in n. Ireland & his bro lives in london. I've only got 1 lo but want to have a 2 year gap between kids.

    Me & my sister have 7 years between us & we never really got on as we went through different things at different times, e.g, when I was 7 is was babysitting me, when I was 14 & a terible teen she was out clubbing & getting drunk. Because we were never close it never felt like we were sisters, & we actually don't speak at all now.

    So personally I'd go for a smaller age gap.

    Jayne xx
  • My DS is 15 months now, and will be around 19 months when this Beanio is due in Sept.
    I think it is difficult to say the best gap as it depends on the individual families in question.
    We wanted two close in age, but some parents prefer a few years between their children.
    We like the idea of our two being close and playing together, and growing up as friends.
    It is difficult to say what my DS will think to baby number 2, but hopefully he will be an excellent big brother and with good parenting, they will be happy kiddies! lol xx
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