BF to Bottle question

I am still BF my 8 month old daughter.

She used to have a bottle of expressed milk but at around 4.5 months she refused the bottle. I perservered for a bit but basically gave up trying in the end (probably made a rod for my own back!!)

The thing is im going back to work in 6 weeks and i really need to get something sorted soon.

I tried her the other night with a bottle of formula and she quite happily took 2oz but the following night she kept pushing the bottle away

I just havnt got the time to sit and express. It seems to take forever just to get an ounce out nowadays and it would take hours to get enough for a feed & even then im not sure if she would take it from the bottle anyway

Has anyone successfully changed to formula in a bottle from BF without to much of a battle



  • Luckily my lo had no trouble changing between the two.
    Have you tried putting a little bit of formula with some expressed milk and then gradually increasing the amount of formula and decreasing the amount of expressed? This might help lo get used to the change in taste more gradually.

    Also who is giving her the bottle? If it is you that might be why she is refusing cos she knows you can give her boob milk. Can your oh give her a bottle whilst you are out of the room or house? This is what my friend had to do to get her little boy onto the bottle

    Hope this helps x
  • Afraid not. I tried everything under the sun and not only would my lo not take a bottle but she wouldn't take any milk of any sort from anything except breastmilk from my breast!
    I went back to work when she was9 months and she went down to morning and evening feeds and 3 weeks after I started, she gave up breastfeeding by herself!
    Since then she has taken no milk whatsoever (formula, cows, chocolate milk, milkshakes...) in any beaker/cup/bottle....!
    She just has milk on her cereal in the morning and cheese, yogs, butter etc,
    Believe me, I have persevered but she is now 13 months and clearly knows what she does/doesn't want so have given up!
    She now drinks loads of water and a small amount of OJ.
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