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Coil help?

Hey All

I wonder if anybody can help me. Since giving birth to my son 5 months ago i have been getting terrible migraines maybe 2-3 a week. Today i went to the doctor who told me i had to stop taking the pill (microgynon 30). She said this might be the root cause or certainly wont be helping. I have used this pill for many years and stopped when we decided to try for a baby with no problems. I started it again after the birth and now have really bad headaches. She gave me some leaflets most of which say they cant be taken with migraine with aura, but i thought maybe the coil (IUD the copper one, not the hormonal one). But theres a few things im worried about, anybody get really bad side effects? Also i know u can keep it in for 5 years but can have it out sooner if we decided to have a another baby (easily wont be for at least a year) did anybody have problems concieving after the coil?
Anything else i should know? I like the idea of not having hormones especially if it stops these headaches.

Thanks in advance Jennie x


  • Hey hun! I've just had my copper coil removed after 2 years as hubby and i have decided to ttc our first baby.

    Because this coil is non-hormonal it would have no effect on fertility. Unlike the pill or Mirena coil you would continue to have your regular natural periods and cycles. My cycles didn't change at all.

    I didn't get on very well with hormonal methods i.e. pill, implanon and this coil was a dream for me. Once i've had my baby i plan to pop the coil back in until i'm ready for number 2. The only side effects you may have is more cramping at time of the month ( i don't but have heard of women who do) You might have cramps for a few minutes after it's inserted but it should ease off. Just take some pain killers 10 mins before your appointment to have it inserted. Good luck hun. x
  • I had the copper coil fitted 6 weeks after having lo.
    I can honestly recommend it.
    The only slight down side was slightly heavier periods but this returned to normal after about 6 months.
    I had no pain with insertion, no side effects and loved the fact that there were no hormones after being on the pill (Microgynon 30 too) for 15 years.

    I have recently had it removed (had it in for over a year) due to having laser surgery for an abnormal smear and the consultant told me I could get pregnant straight away because there are no fertility side effects.

    Definitely having it put back in again!

  • i have had the copper coil in the past and it really didnt agree with me. i ended up in a&e having it removed one night as i was in so much pain from it. that is purely my experience and it was prior to me having children so that may have had an impact on it not agreeing with me. you can have it reoved when ever you like and it shouldnt have any impact on your
  • I've had the copper coil for four months now and really dont like it, only reason i;ve not had it taken out is because ii ike that it has no hormones in it! Although saying that, i have had awful pmt in the last few months. The coil for me gives me niggly pains all the time, very very painful periods and very very heavy too. Not sure its agreeing with me at all x

  • I had the coil removed and fell pregnant straight away. When I had it in I did get bleeding in between periods but id rather that than the pill x

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