Do you feed your Los until they're stuffed??

Really weird question but when Lo has finished their meal, do you keep offering more until they're full or (unless they're crying of course) just leave them?

Gabe's eating solids nicely now *fingers crossed* but HV said to feed him more and asked if he was eating everything I give him which he usually does. But he doesn't cry for any more and I think 1/2 a (stage 2) jar or equivalent of main and 1/2 of pud for each meal is well enough for an 8.5 month old. But she said to feed him until he was genuinely full...but I think he would just keep eating and be sick!

What do you do??

Gabe has dropped from the 91st centile to the 60th and still steadily dropping. He's 20lb 9oz at 38 weeks, I dont think he is starving by any means, lol, but HV seems to think he is!!!!


  • I stop when Alf turns away and keeps his lips tight shut. I take that as him telling me he's full up not sure how eles I'd know. Most of the time he finishes the veg puree he has and at the minute he's deperate for more rice so we're making more at 5:30. I would worry if I kept going he'd be sick and we've had enough of that this week x
  • Good question. My hv said to me I should be offering food to my lo until she is full up. I usually give her half a jar and if she is still appears hungry (you know the signs as mum) then I will offer her teh other half. Sometimes when I ahve offered her jar food she has eaten teh whole jar bar a couple of spoonfuls.
    I dont literalyl fill her up untill she is cyring. sometimes It hink Ic ould feed her more, but if I dont ahve any food prepared then I dont. Pudding I give her 2-3 tablespoons of home ade yogurt. If she doesnt eat it all I finish it off!

    Is Gabe being alot more active than the previous monht. He may just be burning teh calories he eats off. My lo is just under 50th centile, was just above it untill about a month ago. HV says shes probably burning off the food I give her during the day/

    Does Gabe appear to be full or kean for more. He you think he might it some more, you could maybe offer him 2/3s of the jar as see how he takes to it. IF hes having several pieces of finger food as wll as half jar then I, sure hes fine on that too.
  • Hiya.
    I was giving Ruby set amounts but on the advice of the HV started to give her more until she decided she had enough!
    Apparently it's best to be led by the baby.
    Ruby is 6 months old next week but is having more than Gabe.
    She just doesn't open her mouth anymore when she has had enough - in fact she usually starts to chew her bib or the muslin!
    She is a good steady weight only dropping one centile but maintaining that since weaning at 17 weeks.
    Maybe just try offering a bit more and see what he does. If he does eat until he is sick, you will know its too much for next time!
    Hope that helps. x
  • Not sure but my hv has said the same, to give a full jar, then offer pudding after that.
    Evan constantly seems hungry and will eat and eat its hard cause im told to just feed him till he refuses but that can be a lot of food!!
  • MY tell signe shes hungry..
    eats bib...., mouth open ...grabs spoon...this is more so when really hungry.
    full up...clamps mouth shut....archs back and turns head away...starts mesing about...she will burp and then I know to stop. I have found with milk if Itry andg et her to have more shes sick!

    Mrs much is Ruby having? My los a week younger than Gabe.
  • He doesn't seem to be interested in any more food...but I think he might take it. I might try him with 3/4 jar tomorrow for lunch.

    He is not active really - he is sitting well but rarely rolls and doesnt crawl! lol!
  • We have to ration Barney as the boy has no self control and eats untill he is sick!! He also takes no milk at all if he has had too much dinner. For lunch and tea he usually has two Ananbel Karmel cubes of main (about 1-1 1/2 jars equivalent) and then half a jar of pudding. Breakfast is an enormous bowl of porridge with fruit and he has a yoghurt as a snack at 10.30. Since I started weaning he has gone up a full centile.
  • Bedhead- o/t but I was gonna ask about your fish pie recipe as mentioned on Katie's you cook the fish before you cover it with creme fraiche and oven bake?? sorry silly question but I am a crap cook and it looked like an easy recipe!
  • Tigerlily - no, you don't need to chop the fish just throw it in raw. I usually use salmon but my mum makes it with a mix of salmon, cod and prawns and it's lovely. Great for the lo's too, as long as you leave the salt out of the mash you can just mush it up with a fork for them. I normally make Barney a seperate little one and take his mash out before I put salt in for us.
  • I feed Zacky until he turns away and will no longer open his mouth for the spoon. This usually means that after 1/2 jar of main meal he has had enough, but will still fit in a pudding, and between 4-8oz of formula.
  • i stop giving him his solids when he either refuses any more or has finished what iv made then he has his bottle.

    i find that some times if you just keep letting them eat they will eat ana eat ans eat till they spew. its what my oldest used to do.
  • I feed Charlotte until she clamps mouth shut and turns away. This can vary day to day. Sometimes she eats everything and then other days not much at all. I try and make it up with snacks. Do you give Gabe any snacks during the day? Something fatty like pieces of cheese is good.
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