Not sure if I'm upset or annoyed!

Just saw your post come up on the home page and thought I would answer. I would be annoyed if I were you too! Have you confronted the inlaws about how you both feel?


  • aww i feel really sorry for your oh, surely he must be upset by that? i think he should tell his parents as its not fair on your kids that they are missing out and the others arent xx
  • To tell you the truth, i couldn't give a monkeys whether my in laws came or not because they do my tree in! lol but i do agree they shouldn't do more for one child and nothing for the other.

    It could be like my mum. She feels like she can come and do anything she wants and tell me certain ways to do stuff because she's my mum and feels comfortable doing so, where as if it was my brother, she might talk to him about bits but she'd never go and interfere with his oh in case it caused problems so she tends to wait for invites or asked for help off them where as with me she knows she can come and take the mick out of something i'm doing and i'll take it with a pinch of salt.

    I don't know hun but i can see why it annoys you

    Lisa xxx
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