Nature Sensations Sleep Positioner

Does anyone know what age these go up to? All I can find is its birth +



  • We have that one and Neve is five months, its great and adjustable.
  • Ok Im thick, what is it? lol
  • lol your not thick! Its a sleep positioner, stops babies from rolling over or moving about in their cot image
  • Wow I so wish I hadnt bothered!! not only can my lo roll over whilst in it but now hes now mastered the art of actually getting out of it completely!! Grr so frustrating!!
  • I found that with Poppy! I put her at the top of her cot (with her head right near the top) and I found that she couldn't wriggle out of it quite so easily. I know they say feet to foot but if he's in a sleeping bag the covers can't go over is face so it's safe. I managed to keep Poppy in her sleep positioner for an extra month doing it that way and by that time she could roll each way easily.
  • Im exactly same, Jayden wears a sleeping bag so he always goes top of the cot. The other morning i found him totally out of it right at the top of the cot lying sideways asleep!! Was worth a try I guess, ill just have to let him roll and get use to it, its just so annoying sometimes he cries how when hes on his belly x
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