Is he having enough milk?

Hi girls
Connor is 6 months on the 17th March and hes on 3 meals a day, im just wondering if you think hes getting enough milk?

6am - Breastfeed and back to sleep
9-10am - 9 spoons porridge mixed with around 2-3oz bm
2pm - Stage 1 Veg jar (he wont eat mine image)
4pm - Breastfeed
6pm - 1 stage 1 meaty jar and a yoghurt
8pm - Breastfeed
3am - Breastfeed

Does all this sound right? Should i be giving him a yoghurt or fruit at lunchtime too?



  • sounds fine to me! obviously with bf is hard to know exact amounts but if he is feeding and coming off naturally i would think he is fine. an extra yog or some cheese cant hurt though!
    Good luck x
  • 20oz is the amount they should have at 6 months +. obviously you are bf so you can't reallymeasure but it looks like he's having plenty of milk!
    You could try and give him a bit of fruit at lunchtime. I wouldn't give him a yogurt if already having one at tea time.
  • It says in my red book that after Lo is on 3 meals you should either BF on demand (which I'm guessing you're doing - 4 breastfeeds sounds good anyway) or 16-20oz of formula milk. You can offer fruit after lunch if you like!
  • o thanks girls
    TigerLily - i never thought to look in my red book, duh! lol
  • hey,

    where abouts in the red book is the info?


    Louise is 8 months now and bf, she has 1/2 a milk feed at 6.30 ish and the other side when she wakes up again or to get her back to sleep at 8ish if she didn't go back to sleep.
    She'll have another around 11ish, 3ish and 8pm. Though she does sometime squeeze in a 5th feed

    at 6 months she was having 5/6 feeds I think.

    Have you tried offering him a bf between breakfast or lunch? He may drop the night feed if he gets more during the day.

    You could definately offer friut at lunch and breakfast - breastfed babies needs lots of friut/veg of different colours once they are 6 months according my hv team.
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