how does it take for referal to a paediatritian

hi girl it has bin 2 week now when the doctor referred her they said it should,d be quick as she a lot of weight luckly she manage to but some back on i hate to think if kept lossing the weight. my oh going ring the doctor and see when we should expect it to come thought. i talk to another doctor on Monday he said it Christmas it will take time i could of smack him one he just talk down to me. I am worried about she so up down i do not now next week will bring i just can not work out wont up with her wont making her so sick
carrie faith


  • it took us 3 months to get an emergancy appointment for a scan from a pead, and even longer for a referall about davids food, we were told wed have one by the time he was 3 months old, well hes 3 months now lol, and were seen in a and e at 5 weeks
  • it took us 1 and a half week to see a peadiatrition,
  • yea i think it took us probably about a month if that. that was because my son had eczema and thought he could be milk tolerance and now about 5months down the line they are gonna take blood from him to see if he is or not plus now hes losing weight.
  • we were refered when ollie got his 3rd bout of tonsilitis, and that was about 6 weeks ago... they rang us up to arrange it while we were in hospital, which i think helped to speed things along.
    We were told it could take up to 3/4 months to get an app with a specialist.

  • Isaacs referal came through within two weeks. x
  • Both times that Ashton has been referred it was really quick! The first time we went the following day after seeing the helth visitor and the second time we went straight in to see the pediatricion after she came off the phone from the hospital! I would speak to them again and ask them to chase it! xxxxx
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