controlled crying and dummies

next week when OH is off work we're going to do controlled crying with Evie. i'm really confused though about dummies. they way i look at it is, through CC we are trying to teach her to self settle and to soother herself back to sleep without a cuddle or a bottle or any fuss from mum and dad. therefore surely if when i go back in the room i give her her dummy... i'm teaching her to rely on her dummy to be soothed? am i right in thinking this? i dont want to create extra work for us if she begins to settle.... then dummy falls out and bang - back to square one cuz she'll cry for it. my MIL seems to think i should be giving her the dummy though. what do you think?


  • im not sure what contoled crying is? but i would say you are right about the dummy my lo has a dummy but it depnds on his mood wether he wakes when it falls
  • Hi linzi i have just done 3 night of controlled crying and my lo is finally sleeping through the night again thank god. She does have a dummy but i have sort of weened her off that and now dosent need it. Personally i wouldnt ive the dummy as controlled crying you should only go in 3 mins first time i just layed lo back down stroked her head and went back out then 5 mins and after about 7-8 mins she should be getting very tired from crying so should settle herself. I never did give a dummy incase she got settled back to sleep and then it dropped out and it woke her up again! Go with whatever you think is right for your lo but if she dosent have a dummy its like self soothing and eventually she should go down on her own.

    Good luck next week its very hard to listen to them screaming but after 2-3 nights she will get used to it and youll be sleeping all night long xx
  • I would say loose the dummy! like you Say there is no point teaching her to fall asleep by herself if she is still going to be relying on that to sleep.
    Good luck! Controlled crying is horrible while you are doing it but it doesn't last long and it's great to know that you've taught your lo to sleep well.
  • if you can without dummy do... my lo never really slept through but recently i refused night feed... did the cc sort of but i used the dummy, wind up lullaby toy and patting bum then when quite left did this until settled leaving him for bit longer each time! the prob is some nights he can wake 5 times and i go put dummy in... at some point when got the energy will have to try leaving him and see what happens!
    good luck x
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