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Faith not bin well again she lost 5os in week

Just bit of up date on faith she weighing in at 15.13lbs at 44 weeks she 5oz in week she started being sick again not sure why. The Consultant rang me told she aneamic and need on some iron but have wate for rest blood test back. Faith ECG tomorrow the week after that we back consultant and week after that US on her heart. She has US on her tummy that look good will get full report when see them next. I so stress with it all. I just wont to now wont to do with her.:cry:


  • hope she is ok, wasnt aware of the heart problem, keep us updated wont you?? hugs and kiissess xxx
  • sara
    they are just look into every thing as there history of heart defects in family and bin pick till the teenages
    she not to bad and she happy and like to worry me hun that her job i just glad she did not loss like she did last time she 11oz in week
  • oh bless hope alls ok and they find out wats up very soon!!!
  • aw hun u must be feeling frantic with worry *hugs*
    hope all goes well with tests.
    evie has only started eating properly the last couple of weeks and is same age as faith, so there is hope hun. xxxx
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