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Where to buy small outdoor shoes ??

Charlotte is beginning to want to walk around more and although she can not walk without holding her walker or someones hands we do want to be able to walk with her outside. At the moment she only has pram shoes but the walking outside is ruining the soles as they are just material.

The problem is a) I dont have much in the way of money to buy expensive shoes and b) she has inherited her mothers small feet and is only just going into size 6-9 month pram shoes and so far I have been able to find a shop to stock outdoor type shoes in this small size that isnt a crazy price.

I'm sure i'm not the only one with this problem so wondered where everyone else gets their lo's shoes from ?


  • My DD1 had small feet when she started walking and they were just and just into a size 3 (we had to wait another 6 weeks to get her into these!) and unfortunatly the only place I could find them were in clarks! Brantanos do have a clarks consession which sometimes have cheaper shoes but I think you may be looking at ??25 a pair, sorry image
  • We resorted to clarks too, my lo has small feet but is zipping round everywhere. I think mothercare sometimes have cruisers in which are reasonably priced but not sure what size they start in
  • Mothercare do better shoes in smaller sizes. My LO is now walking so i have invested in Clarks and she is a size 3 but when she was just starting to move around i got her a pair of good solid shoes in Mothercare in a size 2 and i beleive they do size 1 also (altho this still might be too big - think size 1 in Next is classed as 6-12months). I think its a case of shopping around .... i didnt think there was much about when Beth had tiny feet (her feet only really started to grow fast a couple of months ago so she was always behind in shoe sizes!) but since then iv seen loads of better shoes. I think BHS do some if you have a store near you.
  • I would have to say clarks my son was only 8 months old when he was running around, his feet were really small and Clarks were able to get the right width as well as length as he has wide feet.
    however i am biased as my dh is the manager of a clarks shop and insists on the shoes fitting perfectlt so the do not restrict growth or damage the feet and the discount is handy!!!!
  • My DD is 17 months old and not long into size 3's having been walking for 3 months. STartrite come up bigger than Clarks, so we had to shell out for Clarks shoes with her first pair at size 2.5, bless her!
    Wellies in a size 3 were even more of a problem, but good ole eBay came up trumps.
    Clarks still have a few sale bits and bobs if you're lucky.
    We are currently having sandal issues as need them in a 3 or 3.5, and a lot don't start until a 4, or don't go up to a G width fitting, ho hum!
    Have found Next to be ok for size 2's when DD was younger, but they don't do many with good soles for walking in that size x
  • i'm gonna go wth the rest i'm afraid, clarks for me is the only place i'll get ds shoes from (indoor slipers from tesco tho) u wuill be look at ??15-20+ but at the end of the day if they have ill fitting shoes whilst their bones are still soft it cld cause loads of problems when they're older plus they have proper advisors to help u choose the best type of shoe for what u want them for, u migt find u'll be better getting some cruiser shoes until she's walking properly. x
  • I guess you can find it on eBay or Amazon

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