Healing after birth - sorry if TMI

Hi ladies,

Just looking for some reassurance and to see if i'm the only one who feels like this! And I apologise now if its TMI.

My little girl is now 7months old, but things still don't feel quite right 'downstairs'! I had a VERY quick labour and delivery (1 1/2hrs from start to finish) and a slight tear, which was not stitched. About a week later I had an infection, but that cleared with antibiotics. As I've posted before it took a while to get things going in the bedroom department and things are OK with that now. However I just don't feel the same down there anymore - Sorry but I checked lastnight and I still seem to have an area that looks torn and tbh it feels very loose generally (that's the only way I can describe it!) Did Pelvic floor exercise, although I must admit haven't for a while (until lastnight). Hubby says he finds things fine - but I'm just worried. I've made an appointment with my dr today, but can't get to see him til 6th June, and I'm worried that he'll just say I'm being silly and send me away.

Anyone else encountered this - its difficult to ask friends/family something like this.




  • hi wow quick labour! i tore quite badley and had stitches... i was in agony for ages and don't ever thik they healed properly but me being silly never got them checked after! good your going docs... appatently if things feel loose you will be told to do pelvic floor excerises more and there is something you can buy which works the muscles... also if really really bad when you decide to stop having children think theres something they can do! i read on another thread that someone lost stitches and left a gap... hope you get it sorted xx
  • Your quick labour and delivery sounds exactly like mine: 1 1/2 hours! It sounds like maybe you should have had stitches after you tore. Defintely speak to your GP. You could ring or email a midwife at the Tommy Charity and ask her opinion so you have more information before you speak to you gp.
  • Hun i felt like i was reading about my own delievery! I had my lo 58 minutes after arriving at the hospital and she was my first. I didnt tear either and i took in infection after aswell! Weird? LOL
    Anyway after that im not much use, i would say not to worry if you hubby says he is hapy, men generally sound their concerns and if he wasnt happy im sure he would have said.
    You can get the pelvic floor machine out of boots anf it does the excersises for you, its supposed to work better then doing them yourself. Sorry im not much help. x
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