Oh no.....not chicken pox!

Went to my sister's at weekend for her daughters birthday parties (both born on same day!!)

The oldest (now 3) had CP about 2 weeks ago and all spots crusted over so she was no longer contagious, but no sign on youngest (now 1). But my sister has rung me this morning to say that she has just found a spot on her youngest so she would have been contagious at the party!

Now I'm dreading my lo getting it. I know it's better for them if they get it young. I had it when I was 7 and it was awful so at least I would have passed some immunity onto lo, but I haven't breastfed her so she hasn't had any "extra" immunity passed onto her.

Now we have to sit & wait for 2 -3 weeks to see if lo has it. Trouble is I was thinking of weaning her then. Don't really want to wean her when poorly so am thinking of starting next week just in case.
OMG there is always something to worry about, and worse for me as I am a born worrier!!!

I've read other posts on here about CP. There seems to be a lot of it round at the moment.......

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  • i wouldnt worry about no weaning her as my daughter had it as a baby and was fine with it just a little itchy it doesnt bother some kids at all x
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