dry skin on cheeks

Charlotte has dry skin on her cheeks. Think it's down to the weather and having central heating on. They are also very red due to teething but don't think that's caused the dryness. In fact all her skin is dry but mine always gets loads drier in the winter. After her bath at night I slather her in E45.

What is best to put on her face - vaseline or E45? I just want to dab something on her cheeks so they don't chap or flake. I want to take her out later in the pushchair and I know it's not quite as cold but I know the cold dry air will make the dry skin worse.

Thanks x


  • i would go with the vaseline
  • vaseline every time as it acts as a barrier against the wind and stops cheeks getting chapped. I do a lot of hiking and use it myself. I also use it on lo as she was starting to get a bit weathered.

  • yup... Im with the vasaline too xxx
  • I slathered her up with Vaseline and now her cheeks are lovely & soft! xx

    But still very red (poor sore gummies)
  • Thanks for posting this I was about to post the same thing. I'm off for some vaseline tomorrow then!
  • My lo is the same, keeping putting vaseline on, he's so cheeky and just rubs it straight off. Its so frustrating xx
  • I would have to disagree lol and say use E45 cream...my son had this awhile back and i took him docs because after using vaseline it was still there after a mth,they said it was ezcema and E45 can be used to treat this!!!
    Though i agree that Vaseline works well as a barrier cream...
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