Christening gown dilemma - what did you do?

Hi there,

We are christening my little boy soon and have bought him a gorgeous long, traditional gown. The problem we have now is at the little gathering we are having afterwards, his gown is that big he won't fit in the highchair - what did you do, change your LO into something different afterwards? It is going to be a bit of a problem getting him to the church aswell in the car as we can't fasten the car seat, I guess we are going to have to put him in the gown when we get there. Oh why did I choose something so fancy when a little romper suit would have been fine?!

Thanks for any responses.



  • as we didnt live far from church we walked and i put them ( have 4 so did with all of them) in the pram as not strapped in then after photos etc were taken we changed them into another outfir the boys had trousers with shirt and tank top and changed dd1 in a pretty party dress hope this helps x
  • the lady that had her christening same time as us got him change when they got there she arrived early and changed him so was in gown for when guests arrived x x
  • You get a bit carried away, or at least I did, and only realise afterwards that a long gown is a bit impractical! I think I will put him in the gown at the church and then in a nice little suit for the party afterwards. Seems a shame spending all of that money on the gown when he will hardly use it - doh!
  • i know seems a good idea at the time lol
  • Hugo is being christened in July and will be wearing his father's family christening gown which his father, uncle, grandfather and grand aunt all wore for their christenings. It is really fine Irish linen and was hand embroidered by some long forgotten elderly relative. It is so delicate that I'll be keeping him in it for the absolute minimum time possible as he's a bit of a wriggler and I can just imagine it being ripped to shreds with all his pulling and fidgeting!

    And it gives me an excuse to buy another little outfit for him for the rest of the day!!

    Peeptoe and Hugo 24+1
  • i didnt even thnk of the car seat! its my baby's christening on sunday and i have a gown for her! doh
  • Even though my lo is not wearing a traditional gown but the dress will crease so I'll be putting her in it when we get to church and she will be wearing just her vest (sleeveless so it can be warn under) for lunch in her high chair and she will be having some very white food for dinner to try and reduce the chance of orange skin from her food.
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