Where do you sell your old baby things?

I'm having a massive clear out as fed up of all my clutter and just wondered where is best place to try and sell baby things? I know of e-bay but not sure of charges and hassle etc, is it worth it? Or do any of you sell things anywhere else?



  • We selll all our stuff on eBay. Its really good as long as you make sure your spot on with postage otherwise you end up loosing out.

  • I found ebay hard work for a rather small return. I'm giving my clothes to the local childrens ward as they need lots but otherwise I think a car boot or table top sale is good.
  • Thanks for replies! I've been on netmums and they a have a nearly new board so will put them on there. Might try a car boot sale if they don't go, could be fun!

  • i also recommend Netmums! I just bought a high chair today - very easy!
  • Car boot is a good idea. We did a few when moving house and getting rid of clutter etc. made quite a bit of money. All the clothes stalls seemed to do really well. and now Spring on it's way it's a good time to do one.
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