Can you recommend a good night time reusable nappy?

Please! We're in the process of switching from disposables and reusables at the moment and while we're getting on great with the reusables in the day I have yet to try one out at night! I'm not sure any of the ones we're roadtesting at the moment would last Cam for 12 hours?! Any recommendations gratefully received! xx


  • i'll be watching this one as we havent found one yet x
  • Can't remember what you guys are using for day time. I would say any pocket nappy then you can stuff it with whatever you've got and as much as you need, bamboo boosters, you can stack about 3-4 in some pockets! Also, if you've got boys then you can add more padding at the front or wherever its needed.

  • we use bumgenius and pop ins, might try a few more liners, he will have a well big butt lol
  • Yeah Sara's in 9-12 month baby grows with the arms rolled up about 15 times!

    Have you got any terry or bamboo boosters?
  • i have got some bamboo boosters, last time we tried reuseables at night we had a wet bed! that was with 1 booster x
  • pop over to clothnappytree website, its got loads of advice!!

    Em x
  • yep, also have the Tots Bots bamboozle stretchies with one bamboo booster and a Motherease Rikki wrap. We haven't had a leak yet and have been using them for months, from 7pm till 7am, even with a feed in the night they haven't leaked.
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