He walked!!

Nathan managed his first few steps unaided this morning - either 2 or 3 I was too gobsmacked to properly take note.

Its lovely as we've had a really tough few weeks with illness and I've been getting really stressed at work so it feels like hes done it now on purpose to life our spirits!

Cant wait to get him his first proper shoes but not sure where to go for such dinky ones, any suggestions?



  • yah nathan, well done. how old is he?fin still refuses to roll over but will sit unsupported for ages!!im sure where you can get shoes, i believe clarks do measurin. xxx
  • awww, well done Nathan.

    I'd definatly suggest clarks for first time shoes because they'll measure them and make sure they've got the right size. My mate just guessed the size for her lil one and she ended up walking strange because they were either too big or too small. She's fine now but it shows what can happen if you don't get them some proper fitted first shoes.

    Good luck wherever you try hun

    Lisa xxx
  • I'll try Clarks at the weekend - its so exciting! He's done it twice more now, would probably manage more steps if I didnt start jumping around like a loon pointing at him, lol.
    He's 9 months, the last few week has been standing unaided and looking all proud of himself so I've been waiting for this but it still a surprise, especially as he's been so poorly and weaker than usual. Dd wasnt walking till well gone 1 year so just shows how different they can be.

  • How exciting! Clever little thing!

    I agree with going to clarks - they do some lovely little shoes!
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