baby-led weaning & sleeping!

I was reading about baby-led weaning & wondered whether to give it a try. Has anyone else followed this? At the moment, my girls either eat jars or recipes that I cook from my Annable Karmel book. Mostly I mush it up, but they are eating more lumps these days. They are pretty good at finger food now (they're 12 months) - mostly they eat things like chesse, toast, apple, banana etc.

My worry is that they won't ear enough if I don't shove a load of mushy food in them! And if they don't eat enough, then they don't sleep through. Which we're tyring to avoid at all costs! What are people's experience with this - does just letting them eat bits of finger food fill them up enough?

Also - I know we should avoid salt, but is there anything else we should avoid if I was going to basically let them eat what we do?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hey Mrs GG not seen you around for ages!!

    havent got any advice really lol didnt want to r&r though. I am sure when my eldest was about 12 months she ate pretty much what we ate, shepherds pie, lasagne, roast dinners, etc etc. Like you say be careful of salt but other than that as long as its not all junk then i think just a normal balanced diet, but dont take my word for it lol see what the other ladies have to say!!

    The Annabel Karmel book is good though isnt it, i have got two of them and find it fab, although have to say the twins havent had much of my cooking yet, shame on me lol!!
  • hey,

    baby led weaning is more from the start of weaning than at 12 months.

    I used both purees and baby led weaning and now Louise eats finger foods 90% of the time.

    How about giving 1/2 finger foods and 1/2 mushed/jar food at one meal of the day and see how it goes?

    You could then gradually ass more finger foods as they get used to eating that way?

    Louise sleeps well eating this way, she is 8 months.

    It is also sooooo much easier than having to mash or puree everything!

    If you want some finger food ideas look in the July 08 forum as there is a list or click on my other topics and find it that way.

  • Thanks both!
    Yes - not been on for a while as trying to wean myself off the computer during the day. I've discovered Facebook as well as BE which means you can spend ages on it, with all the housework piling up in the background, not good!

    Anyways, thanks for the tips. I was just concerned that I was still feeding them on mushy stuff. It would be so much easier for them to eat what we do. I think I'll do what you suggest & try half & half. I might try some fish fingers & beans, or scrambled egg this weekend. Will let you know how it goes!

    They are eating little sandwiches at lunchtime with no problems. They had cheese & marmite sarnies, apple & some yoghurt for lunch today which I thought was pretty good. Messy though....:roll:

    We've been giving Elizabeth some weetabix just before she goes to bed, as she was waking up at 3 or 4am every night & starving in the mornings. Don't know if it's the right thing to do, but it is working - she slept through to 7am this morning!

    Take Care
    Emma x
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