Weening. Where do I start?!?


Well Jacob is 5 months old and i've decided to start weaning him as he seems to be getting bored with his milk and HV has suggested it.

This morning after he'd given up on his bottle I gave him some baby rice. He had about 4 small spoonfuls. This was his first feed of the day at approx 9am. Normally its about half 7 - 8am.

I'm interested to know how other people have started weaning and what they found worked. I'd like to try him on some fruit puree or some puree veg but am nor sure when to give it to him. Maybe middle of the afternoon in between feeds?

Would be grateful for any advice and apologies for appearing stupid, lol. :\)



  • Hi Jules

    My lo is 6 months today and I started weaning her about 3 weeks ago. Do you do a feed around 11am? I started weaning on this feed and like you started with some baby rice, the next thing I gave her was pear puree.

    I tended to introduce a new food every 2 - 3 days and so far she had tried sweet potato, butternut squash, carrot, swede, (cauliflower and courgette mixed with some of the other root veg), apple, banana and avocado and seems to have enjoyed them all.

    After 2 weeks I started giving her some solids at her 5.30/6pm feed. She has veg purees at lunch time and fruit at tea time. I mix the fruit with baby rice.

    I tend to make a large amount of the purees and then freeze them in ice cube trays - when frozen I transfer to freezer bags.

    Hope this makes sense

    Good Luck xx
  • Hi hun,
    Not appearing stupid at all. When we weaned Sophie I only been to weaning group once and then was kind of doing my own thing. Sophie was having jar food but if I was about to start again I would give her homemade food. Just bought a really useful book from Annabell Karamel called New Complete Baby And Toddler Meal Planner. It shows you how to start weaning, how to move to lupmy and finger food and got loads or recipes x
  • I mixed everything he had with his baby milk, so carrot or sweet potato puree (still his favourite) with loads of his milk so its a familiar taste at lunchtime so it has time to digest followed by his bottle. Then when he was used to that i introduced some porridge and banana for breakfast everyday but kept bottle feeds the same so solid food was just extra. I gradually reduced the milk i added to food and now he doesn't have any milk mixed in with his food and i alternate a solid feed with a bottle (he's now 6 1/2 months and has been weened for a while). He now has breakfast lunch and dinner solids with a couple of bottles in between so i've dropped some milk feeds but was only having lunch or dinner up to a few weeks ago not both until his tummy was used to it. Personally, i would be careful about giving him sweet stuff like fruit at first as i know a few of my friends have had problems as once they have fruit which is nice and sweet, they have trouble getting them to eat veggies. Be careful of too much green veg too early on too as it gave Callum a tunmmy ache and wind!!!
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