letter to work (not baby related sorry)

I need to write a letter to my employer to quit. I have secured work else where and want to leave but I am terrible at doing things like this gracefully. Does anyone have any tips? I keep postponing writing this, I really really dread doing this sort of thing. I sit down to write and draw a complete blank... should I mention my remaining holiday time, do I state the exact date of leaving how much of an explanation must I give for leaving, is there a polite way to do it. ekkkk.... I just want to put my head in the sand.


  • I'd love to see a rough outline vanilla, I think I'd rather template it. Its silly because it's not my first job but I've been there for well nearly four years and it's really difficult to uproot....lol... at the same time I won't say I'm not looking forward to the change image

  • Thank you image

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