2 questions - can you help?

Hi everyone, sorry i've got more questions, hope you don't mind, i don't wana seem incapable im just very nervous and want to make sure im doing the right thing.

1. Im making my first outing out 2moro with Charlie and would like to ask about what he should wear. He is in a babygro and vest, would i then put a cardi on him along with all in one coat and hat? and how many blankets to cover him in the pram?

2. When i make up his formula there is always excess on the spoon after i have put the spoonful in the bottle, do i tap the spoon to get this off or would that make the formula to strong?

thanks everyone.xx


  • Hi hun, when I'm out with Gabe I have a thick jacket / coat on him with mittens and a couple of blankets over his legs but he is 6 months so a bit older. If you have Charlie in an all in one coat snow suit thing then I doubt you will need a cardie underneath...just vest & babygro. And a blanket or 2 on top if it gets chilly. I always have blankets in my pram basket in case it gets cold.

    Not sure about the formula as I always make mine up at room temp and then warm after I have added it so it tends not to stick to the scoop. I think tapping it would be fine tho x
  • Hi,
    When I get my lo dressed in the morning what I out him in depends on the weather and where we'regoing. If we go in the car seat I would leave off his cardi/coatuntil we got out. Then I would pop his coar on, add a hat and a blanket as his car seat is dead warm! If we were going for a walk I'd load him up and maybe add a thicker blanket taking another one for me-just incase!
    Formula I normally tap the spoon's extra into his bottle but that's just me. See what other people think-they're dead good on here! Hope that helps a bit!
    Anyway enjoy your day out! x
  • Hi hon!

    Good to hear from you.

    TBH I think it all depends on where you are going. If you are going to be in and out of the warm it would be a good idea to put lots of layers on so you can take on/take off as needed when in and out of warm places. You can always take spare things in your bag if you feel you havent got enough.

    I too always tap the extra in but find if the water in the bottle is cooler then the steam doesnt rise and stick so much to the scoop.

    Hope this helps and you have a fab day out
  • I find that blankets are the most useful thing when going out as they are so easy to adjust. I usually put lo in a thick cardie or a fairly lightweight coat, then add as many layers of blanket as I think are needed. You can then pull back the blanket without disturbing lo if they are alseep, whereas taking off a coat is likely to wake them up. Hats are also quite easy to put on/take off without disturbing them!
  • Hi hon, just to add quickly that apparently if you stick your finger down the back of los neck, this will tell you whether they're too hot or cold - supposed to be a better indicator than feeling anywhere else. Although lo may object to your cold hands being stuck on his nice warm skin lol! You'll do fine - just do what feels right hon.xx
  • I suppose it depends where you are going and how. If im going to be outside and its fairly cold i put on vest, babygro, thick coat and wooly hat. My pram has really thick cosytoes so i dont bother with blankets.

    If im going in the car to the shops (so will be mainly inside) we put a cardie on her and cotton hat and take blankets with us cos it gets quite warm in the car and in shops. We also have a little apron thing that goes over her legs on the car seat when its attached to the pram base.

    Im not sure about Charlie but Frankie always lets me know when she is too warm/cold by crying.
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