Help needed with feeding!

Hi was wondering if i can get any advice on feeding, baby Lincoln is nearly nine weeks old and has been having anything up to 25oz a day. but some days i have a real struggle getting him to feed like today he had 2 oz at 4am and only 1.5 oz at 0800 i thought he should be hungry by now he does seem quite windy not crying from pain but am managing to get some of the wind up, he hasn't got temperature and he is smiley and settles after the small feed. He hasn't been for a poo for a 1 and half day but is passing lot of wind he did seem to be straining a bit yesterday could it be that he is constipated so not wanting to feed?

Am thinking of changing is feed from aptamil to cow and gate comfort any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated

Thanks Marie


  • Hi, brooke is 5 weeks n she's on aptamil 2. I had a few probs gettin her 2 feed last week n think she was a bit constipated, i made her a few feeds with 5oz of water n 4 scoops of powder so she was gettin a bit more fluid, try some cooled boiled water between feeds, just an oz or 2, that should help if he's constipated! Also my lo is lazy n falls back 2 sleep after an oz so i change her nappy 2 wake her up or even just take her socks off, sometimes thats enough 2 get her more alert! Hv told me 2 feed her as upright as poss 2 cut down on her wind! Aptamil do an easy digest feed 2 so he might be better on that! Hope u have some luck n a poo'y nappy soon lol x
  • hi hun, if you are going to change to c&g i wouldnt go with comfort as its thincker and would prob fill Lincoln's belly faster. Maybe you could give C&G newborn a go (the green 1)

    at 2 months Tyler would only take 2-3 oz every 6hrs so it may just be that hes finding his own feeding pattern. As long as hes not loosing any weight then there is no rule to say how much/little babies should take. Also formula fed babies can go longer without have a poo but if you think he is constipated try cooled boiled water if this dosnt work try 6 parts water to 1 part fresh orange juice (he wont have to drink much) If you think hes got wind you cant shift try gripe water its always worked for me.

    hope this helps xx xx
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