baby constipation!


Alistair is 8 weeks old now and seems to be a bit constipated. He's only done one poo since Friday (that was on Sunday evening and it was a mammoth one! ) and has up till now been at least once a day. I'm bf-ing exclusively and he is still feeding well. He seems to be straining quite a lot and is quite grumpy! Has anyone else experienced this with their lo? I'll prob phone the health visitor tomorrow if nothing in the meantime but maybe someone has some tried and tested rememdies for getting a poo out!


Emma x


  • i had this prob but hayden was weaning at time and i was told to make his food runnier. I know what you meen about mammouth poo though , where does it all come from LOL Some time bf babies can go a week with no poo. but could be idea to ask hv for advice.
    Hope it get more regular soon, love fiona
  • Hi, I would suggest trying to give him some cooled boiled water in between feeds but not sure if you've tried him with a bottle yet ? If you can get him to take some of the water a little pinch of sugar in the water will help soften his poo too. hv will tell you not to put sugar in as it's bad for them but I did it with my lo and it worked a treat. Good luck. S x
  • Hi Emma! Lily went through phases of this when she was about Alistair's age (she's also exclusively bf). My HV said bf babies can't gt constipated in the way ffed ones can and as long as they're still doing wees it's nothing to worry about - she said it only needs looking at if they go longer than 10 days (!) without doing a poo. The longest Lily went was 4 days.

    Hope that helps!
  • hey,

    it can be normal for bf babies to not poo regulary, the best thing for your lo is your milk!

    you could try plain cooled water - you could add a little orange juice but best not to put that in a bottle - your lo could 'lap' it out of a cup if you hold it for them at an angle. anything sugary in a bottle can damage lo's teeth through thier gums.

    You could also try massaging thier tummy in a clockwise direction.

  • Forgot to add, Lily also went through a phase of grunting and groaning JUST like she was horribly constipated but the HV said she was just getting used to the sensation of digesting and bowel movement.
  • reply didn't turn up?!

    your milk is the best thing for your lo. You could try massaging your lo's tummy in a clockwise direction.

    it is normal for bf babies to not poo as regulary as ff babies.
  • Thanks for your replies ladies. PTB - he's still doing lots of wees so doesn't sound like I need to worry too much (btw gorgeous pics of Lily on the Dec forum - she's growing so quickly!) I'll maybe try the cooled boiled water if no poo in a day or two and will def try the tummy massage, esp when he is straining!

    Emma x
  • Thanks Em :\) I haven't had a nosey on your forum yet - off to do so now!
  • We had this problem when Samuel was a couple of weeks old. We were told to give him extra boiled water and if that didn't work a teaspoon of apple juice which seemed to do the trick! x
  • Have just started a photo thread on the Jan forum now PTB! Thanks for the tip about the tummy massage Lisa, tried it on Al and although he hasn't pooed yet, it seemed really relaxing and he is now fast asleep!

    Em x
  • your welcome! baby massage can be really relaxing.
  • Hallelujah! He finally pooed after four days of going without one (oh man it was a real doozy though....)

    A very happy Em x
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