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What do you do at weekends?

OH works 12 hour shifts at weekends so i spend the day cleaning and looking after Connor, then cook him a nice meal wash up and then he goes to bed - its thrilling really


  • at weekends me, hubby and lo all have nice lazy days in, we go into town to pay the bills come home have dinner.clean,watch tv, play with lo, and on sundays we go to our parents for a hour or so and again do nothing really.
    but in summers we go to carboots on a sat and sunday, which we lovveee lol xxxx
  • Hubby works 6 on 4 off, so if his days off fall on a weekend we rent some dvds for when Riley sleeps, and go for a walk in the forest. If he's working I just do what i'd normally do, play with Riley, go for a walk, maybe visit mum. Sounds exciting. xxx
  • We had lots planned for the weekend but had to cancel as Alf's poorly. Was really looking forward to rading the shops (don't mean in the dodgey sense!!) with me mate and Alf hanging out with the lads!
    Seeing the family tomorrow if Alf feels/looks better for a meal. In between I need to cook, wash and clean house is a tip! Like you've all said dead exciting!x
  • Ben goes to his dads on sat for afew hrs,so I take that time to either have a mammoth clean through,or go shopping!Usually go out sat night with my new partner,Sundays are usually lazy days,sometimes go out for lunch or down to the park.nothing to exciting really,mores the pity lol
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