Worried about my Nursery Choice

:\?Ok so to c ut a long story short, I didn't bother going and looking at nurseries and the like untill the last minute and this has lead to me having to pick a nursery now and pray that it has spaces for September.

I have now found a nursery that last Sept was given a Very Unsatisfactory grade by the Care Commissions.

The first time I went to the nursery the place was in darkness due to the babies all sleeping but I just didnt know what to expect. Second time they were all up and eating nicely and being very well behaved..I just dont know..I have a bad feeling about the place is all and Im feeling so bloody guilty that I didn't kick myself up the arse and find him a better more suited place earlier (I suffered PND so didnt give a crap about anything for a long time)

Now the only thing I can do is put him in that nursery and put myself on a few waiting lists for better nurseries round about and then move him when they become available. What I must say is that I am reading the follow up reports and things do seem to be improving its just that Im so so worried that this choice is going to hinder his development. I know that he will not be mistreated in any way as the staff are so lovely but Im worried that his actual development educationally will suffer and it will be all my friggin fault for being so caught up in myself. My OH says im being slightly over reactive as the CC wouldnt let a nursery carry on if they were that bad, but hes my BABY and I feel I have let him down.

So what would you do? There is another report coming within the next few months but what would you do in the meantime? Im thinking about filling my time with something such as 'working mothers' club which I could try and install on a saturday morning...or even just keep socialising with other children as much as possible...keep a close eye on his development and make sure hes well mannered (the nursery was marked down for children no listening to adults) and following the nursery very closely but is there anything else you would suggest?

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  • I suppose it depends on what you expect from him in terms of development. At this stage all that they should be 'learning' is to socialise and behave in a socially acceptable way (I hate the fact that ofsted now makes childminders do development profiles for babies - how annoying, Anyway, I digress). If you think that he will be happy and get on well at this nursery then I wouldn't worry too much about his development.

    Having said that, if you are not happy then I would try to find somewhere else. Your gut reaction as a mother is something that you should trust and follow. You don't want to be spending all your time worrying over whether he is ok.
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